Rick Lance Biography

Rick began his Voice Acting/Voice Over career in 1993 while singing demos in Nashville studios for songwriters, record labels and personal projects. He was handed a script for a TV commercial and asked to read it. Never before having just “talked” in a recording session he wondered if this “speaking stuff” could ever lead to professional voiceover work. That is, now that he knew what a voiceover was.

Discounting this new discovery, he stubbornly persisted chasing his dream of becoming a big time Nashville country music recording artist, releasing his first full length CD, Dark Horses, in December, 1999. He scored two number one songs in the secondary country radio market with “Don’t You Know Better Than That?” and You’d be the First to Know,” and won a 2001 Independent Music Award in the Country/Bluegrass category, for his Cajun flavored, “Break My Heart”. (See Wikipedia)

Tapping into another talent, in 1989, Rick Lance opened a commercial photography studio, using his acquired skills from his mid-1970s stint in the US Navy as a Photographer’s Mate 2nd Class and his college education in media communications. Those almost 20 years working freelance taught him a lot about running a business… shooting for advertising agencies, book and magazine publishers, industrial corporations, graphic designers and of course, the music business. But after so long maintaining a large studio and photo career became burdensome and he needed a change.

As he was learning to use his speaking voice effectively, he studied in acting and voice over workshops, acted in theatre productions and oncamera, refining his signature style with each new venture.

Finally establishing a full time career as a voice over talent around the year 2006, he realized, “Through my combined training and success in music, acting and photography I was becoming a more interesting personality behind the microphone applying all those skills together. To me they are all related, one feeding off the other.”

During the last few years, Rick has become known as “The Voice of Americana–Serving the basic industries that keep America moving,” a slogan he earned because of his deep, rich, warm, earthy and gritty, storytelling, All-American signature sound. When asked about “Americana,” he says, “I just listened to my client’s needs, observed which industries favored my voice style, capitalized on it and found my niche within the VO industry.” Knowing just where he fits in contributes greatly to his success as a voice talent. He also says, “I’m lucky to be working within my comfort zone. Literally living out my voice acting life as an outdoorsman, horseman, weekend cowboy and working man, gentleman farmer on my 6 acre mini ranch with my horses, dogs, cats and my wife near Nashville, Tennessee.”

Adding to his little ranch paradise, construction was just completed on his brand new (as of September, 2013) all brick, fully soundproofed and completely man-cave comfortable recording studio, upgrading his audio production capabilities as well… just 60 feet from his back porch and showing a spectacular view overlooking his green Tennessee pastures.

Currently, Rick is narrating 3 different “hunting” TV programs airing on the Outdoor Channel and the Sportsman Channel…. Addicted to the Outdoors, Country Boys Outdoors and Headhunter Chronicles. He’s also the voice of Life Care Centers of America (health care), GlowShift Automotive Gauges, the 2014 Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo TV/radio advertising campaign, KUAC-TV Alaska and a few other corporations, many museum audio tours across the US and some film/tv documentaries. And of course, he voices a constant flow of TV, radio and web ads, promos and videos for a variety of companies and organizations wanting his rich Americana sound.