"Over two decades ago I decided to look for someone that will help me develop a compilation of patriotic music... I found Rick Lance in Nashville and he was extremely instrumental in pulling together the talents for our CD, "Home Free: A Tribute to the American Veterans!" He used his photography, music, and networking skills to give birth to one of the greatest patriotic ensembles ever. Check it out at veteransoutreach.org and get your copy and support your veterans. 100% of the proceeds goes to the mission. Veterans' Outreach is forever grateful for Rick Lance's passion to help those vets in need!"

Teri Ely

Veteran’s Outreach

"Hello Rick, You're a great American! Thank you so much for your patience and talent that you brought to our table for this Green Project...as our young team pushes through to commercialization. Your work is instrumental to our success....and we intend to use you more and often."👍👍👍

Allen St James

Executive Chairman, Freschfield

"Rick is an outstanding voice talent! He gave me a PERFECT take for the audition! When you are looking for a deep, booming, cowboy-type voice, Rick has the sound you are in search of!"

Rick Wells

Voice of The Narrator, KICKSTARTER

"Rick Lance’s voice work is excellent, we used Rick’s services on a commercial project. The voice work that he provided our company has been giving our professional commercials a unique style and sound that you can't find anywhere else but from the Tennessee man himself, Rick Lance."

MLT Group

Rochester Minnesota

“Thank you for being a part of our audio tour for the Ocean Star Offshore Rig and Museum. We at MuseumWorks are looking forward to the completed audio tour. Along with your voice our sound effects, drama and music this audio tour will be exceptional. The narration is excellent and your voice fits perfectly.”

Joanna Hudspeth

Project Supervisor, MuseumWorks, Dallas, TX

“Just listened to it and it sounds great! I turned it up real loud and all of my coworkers flocked to the computer to listen…”

Josh Wiese

Media Producer, Grid Creative, Northwest Lineman College

” …it gave me goosebumps”

Dan Lovett of Lovett Services

CEO, Portland, OR

“We were hoping once we heard them both read one of the versions would jump out at us more. But you did such a great job your making our decision tougher. The recordings sound fantastic! Just what we wanted.”

Jonathan Schild

Video Production, OtterBox

“I just have one word for the audio: beautiful, just beautiful!” “It’s perfect my friend! It’s exactly as I thought it would be, you are the greatest Rick. I can’t wait to mount it to see how it goes with the music.”

Ramon Galvan

JL Media Producciones, Bavaro, Dominican Republic

“Thanks again, Rick! Your voice was the driving force behind the production.Your narration really helped make this piece develop into the style and feel I was looking for.”

Kief Oss

Producer, Sitepro Video, Colfaxv, WI

“…really, I’ve got to tell you, beside having a really great voice, your inflection and emphasis on those VOs was the best I’ve ever received. I’ve worked with literally dozens of folks…you’re the best…such an ability to deliver the line…all of the technical aspects of your recordings were as good as any I’ve ever received. Great work and look forward to it again. Stay well!”

A. Scot Aspromonte

Asprovision Media, LLC., Denver, CO

“I happened to stumble across Rick’s services on the Voice 123 Web site•his voice-over tryout shined amongst several dozen potential narrators we screened for our stuntman documentary, Hell Drivers: America’s Original Crash Test Dummies. We asked Rick to give us a storyteller voice that would simultaneously come across as rugged yet friendly with a touch of a Southern drawl. Those are nuances, we recognized, that are not easy to pull off in a consistent manner. Rick was easy to work with and pleasantly put up with our perfectionist attitudes! He is the consummate professional…”

Darren Garnick

Award Productions, Inc.

“As a member of my Silver Inner Circle voice talent coaching group, Rick’s talent and professionalism really stand out. He has a great set of pipes and top notch studio chops. I would recommend him wholeheartedly to anyone seeking a voice talent.. He is responsible, reliable and personable. You can’t go wrong!”

Susan Berkley

Owner, The Great Voice Company, Inc.

“Rick Lance is a consummate voice-over professional. His versatility is a real plus. He can give you the dramatic bass read, as well as a lyrical baritone every-man read. His voice is the voice of the future. His business acumen and professionalism, is what your company needs today!”

Rodney Saulsberry

Voice Actor (Zatarain’s, Verizon, Twix, Toyota)

“Thank you so much, Rick. Just wanted to tell you that I am listening to it now, and you’ve put quite the smile on my face.“

Petros Kolyvas

ShiftFocus Media,Montreal, QC

“It was an absolute joy to work with Rick! He has a fantastic, rich, and extremely versatile voice. He’s able to adjust quickly with direction (when needed), and patient in following these directions. For Yellow Day, he provided us several different type reads, which helped us get the sound we were looking for. Plus, he’s just a lot of fun! Thanks Rick!”

GP Galle Jr

Producer,Providence Film Partners,Mobile, AL

“I don’t like Rick very much. I don’t like him because he’s too good at what he does, and I think it comes easy for him, and I’m jealous of him. Nobody should be that good and that nice and that successful. Aside from that, I think he’s one of the best voice talents around!”

Daniel Eduardo Hurst

Voice Actor

"Rick is an outstanding voice talent! He gave me a PERFECT take for the audition! When you are looking for a deep, booming, cowboy-type voice, Rick has the sound you are in search of!"

Rick Wells

A Trip To The Moon – Voice of The Narrator, KICKSTARTER

"Epic Work from mister Lance. We will surely hire him again soon for our projects. He clearly understood, followed instructions, revised and delivered exactly the result we were looking for. Great to know people like Rick are available…"

Dominic Faucher

ORCHESTRA, Gaitneau QC, Canada

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